How to Choose Water Skis 

Water skiing is one of the most exciting and engaging water sports you can take up in your leisure time. In this extreme sport, you get to enjoy the thrill of skimming over a body of water as a boat pulls you along by an attached cable. Finding the right water skis from the numerous types, sizes, and binding options is crucial in helping you fully develop your skills. Here is a step-by-step guide to choosing a water ski.

Water Skiing Basics

When trying out water skiing for the first time, you can start by learning the right grip and positions. The chair and cannonball positions are the basic postures you can use to stay above water. Once you learn to keep your legs together in a crouched position, you can begin water skiing from a deep water start. Remember to stay calm and let the boat do most of the work — it should maintain a proper towing speed of 30 mph. 

Water Ski Types

The different water ski types you can choose include:

Combo Skis

Combo skis come as a pair of water skis where one model has two bindings and the other has a single binding. This ski type is beginner-friendly, as the dual setup offers excellent stability. Once you become a seasoned water skier, you can test your skills by dropping one ski.

Kid or Junior Skis

This lightweight pair of kid water skis are great for trainee junior skiers who need a stable platform to learn water skiing. A detachable bar or rope between the water skis ensures the skier’s legs stay together. Another safety feature is a handheld rope that allows the parent or trainer riding in the boat to control the young skier’s movement. As a guardian, you can easily let go when the toddler falls over to avoid dragging him across the water.

Slalom Skis

The Slalom ski is available as a single ski with two bindings, where one binding is in front of the other. It is the ideal ski for intermediate and professional water skiers. With this sturdy ski, you can quickly accelerate, turn, and perform high-speed maneuvers. The bevels on the bottom edge are designed to force water over the base. The water pushes the ski downwards, causing the ski rocker to turn.

Water Ski Bindings

Water ski bindings are made of soft neoprene designed to wrap snugly around your feet and firmly keep upright. Shifting your weight or wiggling your feet from side to side allows you to change the ski’s direction. Adjustable bindings can accommodate multiple foot sizes, making them more versatile. If you consider competitive water skiing, you can opt for custom-fit ski bindings.

Water Ski Sizing

The appropriate size or length of the water ski will depend on the skier’s weight, preferred speed, and type of ski. Luckily, a simple formula incorporates these factors to calculate the perfect ski length for you in a water ski size chart. 

Choose Your Water Ski From Miami Ski Nautique

With the numerous water ski sizes, shapes, and binding choices available in the current market, the selection process can be quite daunting. We at Miami Ski Nautique are ready to help you find the perfect water skis to suit your needs. Check out our collection of  water skis and accessories from popular water sports brands.

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