Nautique G23 Costal Edition ripping around the Florida Keys and looking beautiful while doing it.

Self-care, is for everyone, including your boat! Nothing soothes the soul like a boat ride out on Biscayne Bay or in the Gulf or Mexico with your family and friends. Dive in for a complete understanding of how to keep your boat sail-worthy for an extended period of time captaining in salty waters.

1) Rinse your boat after every use

The most basic maintenance tasks often require you to keep the boat clean and appropriately maintained. Doing so will have a significant impact on your boat’s life. Rinse your boat thoroughly with fresh water after every use, make sure to rinse all the salt as the abrasive material causes damage longterm to the paint and hull. 

2) Outboard Motor/Engine Care

To ensure the longevity of motor life:

  • Flush out the engine after every trip.
  • Make sure the engine is running and let the water pump do the rest (make sure no one tries to shift the motor into gear).
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3) Getting Rid of Stains on Vinyl

Boat interiors are susceptible to damage from the salt in the water and air. Instead of detergents that contain harsh chemicals, use a good vinyl cleaner to clean the upholstery on the boat seats and cushions. Once cleaned, apply a vinyl sealer for added security.

3) Remove Hard Water Stains

Create a mixture from one part vinegar and 2 parts water, you’ll be left with a spray you can use on those white and very hard to remove spots on your hull, glass, or engine cowlings from mineral deposits. Just spray it on, let it sit for five minutes, then use a microfiber cloth to polish off the panels and windows and reinstate the sparkling shine.

4) Take Special Care of the Boat’s Hull

While baking soda and white vinegar will get rid of a mildly dirty hull, you’ll need a heavy-duty cleaner to eliminate any extreme build-up of salt and algae. Always use these cleaners in a circular pattern for better results. Don’t forget to rinse with fresh water once you’ve scrubbed the hull.

5) Dry Before Waxing 

You might go a step further and wax your hull, waxing allows the paint job to last longer, and provides an extra layer between the hull and the water allowing for a smoother finish. A good layer of wax also adds an extra layer of protection to the hull from corrosive salts.

Prepare Your Boat for Storage

As you go through the above-mentioned stages, you might be ready to prepare the boat for long term storage. Open and clean the storage areas, and each nook and cranny for when you intend to store your boat.

Visit Miami Nautique for All Your Boating Needs

Boating is a way of life, and we are here to help you every step of the way. If it’s your first time with a costal boat or this is your third or fourth one purchased with the family, stay in touch for all the best care, use, and captains tips. Purchase Nautique wake boats and related accessories from our store Miami Nautique. We’re licensed and experts in boat safety, mechanics, and gear across a multitude of brands. Stop by our pro shop in Miami, Florida, or browse our site to find the perfect waterski, wakeboard, and other family-friendly watersport equipment.

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