As a boat moves through the water, it leaves a wake behind it. The boat’s hull displaces the water towards the side before it returns to its original position. This movement creates the “wave” used by riders in towed watersports. If the boat is heavier in the front, the wake will be shorter in height and longer in length; if the boat is heavier in the rear, the wake will be taller in height but shorter in length.

You can use a “wake shaper” to shape the proper wake for you. These angled devices attach to your boat via suction cups to displace the water for cleaner wakes. But argubly these days the technology onboard is so good you don’t need anything except a stock boat. Long gone are the days of fat sacs – sandbag or lead weights. It’s all on the inside now. Notably, the Nautique Surf System found aboard all Super Air Nautiques can shape the perfect waves with the touch of a button. Read on to discover more about this advanced technology and how to use your boat to make wakes for waterskiing, wakesurfing, and wakeboarding.

The Nautique Surf System

It’s easier than ever to perfect your wake with the Nautique Surf System (NSS). Controlling the NSS is simple for everyone. With the 0-10 wave setting clearly displayed, you can make adjustments right from your onboard touchscreen display. Adjust settings on the fly or save a personalized profile that stores your preferred speed, ballast configuration, and wave setting for easy access for your next ride.

 Here are the features of this innovative tech: 

  •  Intuitive Interface: Accessibility is the name of the game. You can dial in the perfect settings related to speed and ballast from the touchscreen, customizing the wake per a surfer’s request. You can either change settings on the go or choose from presets.’
  • Waveplate: The waveplate allows surfers to shape a wake on the side of the boat without offloading the ballast. Six set points will enable you to customize a wave’s height, shape, and length. The waveplate is part of the hull design and extends outward and down to shift the water flow. Change the running attitude of the boat and fine-tune the wave’s height, shape, and length however you like.
  • Garmin App Integration: You can remotely control the range of Surf Select 3.0-enabled boats with your Garmin smartwatch model. You can change the boat’s speed and shape the wake while riding on your ski or wakesurf.
  • Nautique Surf Select: You can wear this controller on your wrist and easily change the side of the boat the wave is on. With no need to signal the driver, you are in control of driving your dreams.

Setting the Wake for Wakesurfing

To create the best wave for wakesurfing, you need to focus on creating a clean wave face, its size, shape, length, and the “push.”

The focus should be on increasing the wave’s length. If it’s long, you will enjoy more room to recover from tricks without falling off the back of the wave. You can create a more prolonged wave by driving your boat speed at 10-11mph and adding more ballast to the front of your boat. 

The boat speed also helps generate the “push” of the wave. This push is the energy a wave contains to propel the rider forward and keep them on the wave. The height of the wave also helps determine this push.

Once the boat reaches the correct speed, the water will become firmer, generating more lift and less drag for your wakesurf board. 

Setting the Wake for Waterskiing

Pulling across the wake while waterskiing is an advanced skill and is typically more challenging for a rider to learn than normal wakeboarding is. 

The ideal wake for a skier is narrow and short. For slalom skiers, the rope should be around 75 feet or shorter, with the boat moving at speeds of 25-36 mph.

Setting the Wake for Wakeboarding

Specialized wakeboarding boats thus come with deep V-shaped hulls to create bigger wakes. The pointed nose of the V-shape design also makes for a smoother ride across the water.

Wakeboarding boats differ from regular towboats because of the canopy placement. The rope is attached to a tower or canopy in the middle or rear of the boat. Wakeboarder usually fill the ballast as much as possible to get the deepest wakes imaginable. The internal ballast at the back of these boats is also a little heavier.

Difference Between the Wakes

Each sport has it’s own preference on what the wake should look like. For a smooth waterskiing experience, you want the wake to be as small as possible. In wakeboarding, the wake should be larger to equip you with a ramp for aerial maneuvers. For the wakesurfers, the wake should not just be high but also have enough curl to keep the rider behind the boat without a rope.

Visit Miami Nautique for All Your Boating Needs

The attention to detail and state-of-the-art technology make Nautique boats different than the rest. The Super Air Nautiques come equipped with the Nautique Surf System, letting you control the wake with the touch of a button. 

To learn more about the range of Nautique boats, the NSS technology, and more boat tips, visit Miami Nautique. Our team of experts will help you make a perfect choice. Stop by our pro shop in Miami, Florida, or browse our site to get the ideal setup for your needs!

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