Proper Maintenance of your boat takes time and intention. You don’t need to be a mechanic to take proper care of your machine, but either way. We bring you the basic rules and checklists to help you take good care of your vessel and enjoy a day of water and sun without any worries.

General Cleaning

The boat’s exterior often requires a freshwater rinse followed by a mild soap solution to clean. Ensure you dry your boat off with a soft cloth or mitt to avoid spotting. We also recommend a post-waxing procedure. 

For interiors, use a good quality all-purpose cleaner and wipe off the tabletops, chairs, mirrors, and floor with a microfiber mitt. Always keep the interiors clean of rust and mold. Consider using a boat wax or a vinyl sealer to protect the upholsteries. 

Basic Tools to Have

Develop your toolbox

Develop a handy waterproof toolbox for minor fixing problems. This kit should include wrenches, screwdrivers, extra drain plugs, pliers, lubricants, electric tapes, jumper cables, gums/glue, screws, nut & bolts, and more. To fix adhesion needs, epoxy resin (marine grade) is always a must-have. Keeping boating guides in the kit is optional but recommended. If there is something you don’t feel comfortable with doing on your own then give us a call or sign up for a service request on our website


The topside (working upward from the waterline) covers the boat’s entire upper hull and deck area. Apply non-skid and anti-slip paint in these areas; use a roller brush for better results.

A coat of bottom paint may not be required if you pull out your boat every time you use it. However, for prolonged exposure to water, antifouling paint is recommended. It will also prevent algae slime from building up on the hull.

Safety First

This oft-ignored aspect of boat maintenance is crucial. A safety kit and lifesaving essentials should feature prominently on your boat maintenance checklist. Some items include:

  • First aid kit
  • Flashlights
  • Ropes
  • Mirror
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Whistle
  • Duct tape to plug immediate leakages
  • Life jackets
  • Lifebuoy ring
  • Knife
  • Bucket

 Any negligence can cause a severe threat to human life in case of an untoward incident. These items can help deal with such incidents. 

Regular Maintenance

Nautique recommends to schedule regular maintenance with any Nautique boat. Create an efficient maintenance schedule to ensure your machinery always operates at its peak performance. Maintain a checklist of essential tasks, such as an oil change, electrical fittings, steering leaks, battery check, and detailed propeller and fuel line checks. Pay special attention to engine drips and belt functioning as well.

Fill the Gas Tank when storing your boat for an Unspecific amount of time

Though it sounds unreasonable, filling the gas tank before you store the boat is an excellent way to prevent engine breakdown. Empty or partially empty tanks can cause damage or corrosion because of condensation inside.

Electrical Circuit

A health check of the installed fuses is essential on any boat checklist. Electrical equipment and related problems are the number one cause of fires onboard. Having a secured battery is crucial for boat safety.

Breakdown of Communication and Navigation Systems

Flawless and reliable communication and a signal system are essential for any vessel. A breakdown can impact a boat’s ability to maneuver correctly and make it incapable of sending distress signals in an emergency.

Visit Miami Nautique for All Your Boating Needs

A poorly-maintained vessel is the fastest way to devalue your investment. Worst of all, it may compromise the safety of its occupants. Never stop doing the little things that matter the most for your boat. You can always approach the professionals for fresh water boat care guidance. 

Get Nautique wake boats, related accessories, and boat safety tips from the experts at Miami Nautique. Stop by our pro shop in Miami, Florida, or browse our site to find the perfect waterskii, wakeboard, and other family-friendly watersport equipment. Our service department is trained and certified across many industry tech certifications. Give us a call today at (305) 438-9464

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